We provide basic education along with computing skills and library facilities to make them capable for their upcoming future.


We are able to provide accommodation facilities to 50 children in the ashram with proper bedding and bathroom facilities.

Health & Nutrition

We provide health and nutrition benefits to the children through balanced diet and by organizing sports activities.


We counsel children to stay independent & improve their personality. Vocational training is also provided to prepare them for future.



Shakti Kapur

Dr. Shakti Kapoor is the founder and president of Vivekanand Ashram.

Rajeev Jaggi

He is a permanent custodian who has volunteered to counsel the children.

Manoj Garg

He is permanent custodian at the ashram and supporting the daily needs of children.

  • Children are our greatest treasure. Vivekanand Ashram has done a great deed by teaching them the values of life and letting them lead the way.

    Sushma Pandey, Gurugram

  • I would like to thank all the volunteers and custodians of the ashram who put their generous effort to provide food, education and shelter to the poor children.

    Jyoti Ahuja, Faridabad

  • Being with the children of the Ashram is such a motivation. Their smiles inspire me to do more for them.

    Gagan Bedi, New Delhi

  • It feels so gratifying to be a part of Vivekanand Ashram. Everyone should share their happiness with these children.

    Rajiv Jaggi , Cannon Eye, New Delhi